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Login page

Logging in to the webcam chat couldn't be simpler! If you don't want to register and just want to check the chat out then just enter a nick name you wish to use, click the box to enter as a guest and press enter.

If you've forgot your password or username then simply click the "Forgot your password" button which will open and request your email address. Input your registered email and your password will be sent to you.

Chat Room Log In

If you wish to register an account click the "Register" button.

To register on ChatCB all you need to do is click the "registration" button. There you will be presented with the chat room registration page (signing up is optional). The sign up page is self explanatory, but if in doubt - enter your desired chat room username. Once you have filled in the boxes an email will be sent to you with an activation code. You will need to use that code to activate the account so please make sure you use a real email address and type it in carefully. Login by typing in your registered email address and password. Remember, you can sign in as a guest and if you like our chat room you can register later to save your username.

If you close the box or wish to activate your account at a later date then click the "Activation" and add your activation code so we can verify your email address.

Please do not use disposable email addresses as they won't work.

Chat Room Registration
Chat Room Log In

If you have forgot your password then retrieving it couldn't be simpler.

Firstly make your way to the entrance to the chat room here and click "Forgot your password". Input your registered email address, being careful to type it in correctly.

Once you have done that you will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Make sure you keep the box open and input the details that were sent to your email address and click accept. Then login with your new password that you just chose.

Chat Room forgot password

When you enter the chat room for the very first time you will be presented with the user interface which you will need to become familiar with. As you can see from the image below, the room list is to the left with the user list to the right.

To enter a chat room in the room list simply hover over a room name and left click your mouse button to enter.

Hovering over a user name will open the users profile in quick view. Left click on a user name will allow you to send a private message, send VIP credits, block the user, view the users webcam (if they are using one), vote the user out of 5 stars with 1 being not so good.

Chat Buddy User Interface

When you are in the chat room if you click "OPTIONS" which is to the top left of the chat room you will be presented with the user options interface which contain Picture, Profile, Settings and Account. This is where you can upload a picture, select an avatar or adjust your privacy settings or checking how many VIP credits you have remaining. VIP credits allow you to have extra privileges in the chat room like uploading images in private or in the main room.

Chat Room Settings Panel

Your privacy settings will be mainly dependent on whether you registered. Registered users and VIP users have additional privacy settings as you can see in the picture.

Chat Buddy Account

If you're accessing our chat site from a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad, our chat room will recognise your device and give you the option whether you would like to use a touch screen compatible display or desktop display.

Webcam issues

If you have any webcam issues then this short guide should solve most of the problems

Most importantly and surprisingly solves the majority of issues; ensure your webcam is plugged in BEFORE you enter the chat room.

If you are having trouble with your webcam when you use Chat Buddy then take a look at our webcam testing to eliminate any problems which you may have.

Make sure your webcam software is up to date and installed correctly. Drivers are notorious for being out of date so make sure all your software is up to date

If your webcam works using our webcam testing page then I strongly suggest you plug in you webcam and reboot your PC/Laptop (While your webcam is plugged in) and try again.