Privacy and Safety Information

safeguarding your privacy in our chat rooms.

This privacy dpolicy outlines the way we safeguard our website visitors and the information you provide here on

Personal Information

We collect, store and use the following kinds of personal information; Information about your computer and about your visits to and use of this website (including your IP address, operating system, referral source, length of visit, page views, website navigation, geographical location, browser type and version). We do not share any information or images with third parties. Your images can be used purely for the purposes of promoting ChatCB through this website. We use a number of cookies on ChatCB please take a look at our cookie policy for more information.

Please remember that what you type into any chat room is viewable by others. Should you post any personal information in any of our group chat rooms, this is also viewable by others using the group chat. What is said in private messaging is private and only viewable by you and the person who you are private messaging with. We use an encryption method which keeps your chat private.


You may sometimes see adverts on and in our chat rooms. Although some of these adverts contain cookies, they are strictly used to track what adverts have been clicked for statistical purposes.

External links

At times we might show external links to other websites, usually chat rooms, or other chat related websites. has no control over the privacy of other websites which are advertised.

When you enter ChatCB and provide any data, we use it purely for the purpose for which it was given.

Your privacy is extremely important to us. We never disclose your information to any third party.

What are cookies?

In order for you to get the best from ChatCB we sometimes place a very small file known as a cookie on your computer. Don't panic, this is very normal when visiting a website. A cookie is basically a text file of information that allows us to recognise your browser and enables you to login without the need to type in your details every time you enter the chat room. To learn more about cookies and how to manage them via your browser/device please visit

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies for two reasons on ChatCB; to remember your settings for your own benefit. And to allow us to know how many times you have visited the website.

Session cookies

These are temporary cookies, which are erased when you close your browser or switch off your computer. Session cookies are sometimes used on ChatCB for instance remembering your chat room preferences, so you can save your password and login details, etc.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies help ChatCB remember your information for any future visits. This will enable a much faster login and convenient access. When you first visit the chat room, the website is presented to your browser in its default state. During your stay with us you will set your preferences, these preferences are then remembered by using a persistent cookie. Google Analytics use cookies to track website visitors. We also use Google analytics as a means of monitoring the traffic for statistical reasons. More technical information can be found on Google

Notice for parents

All our chat rooms are monitored regularly.

If you have any concerns about our chat room privacy then please contact us

Safety - Chat online securely! Keep yourself safe online in our chat rooms

Never give out any personal identifiable information through the chat room. This is good common sense, but it's surprising the amount of people that share personal information without fully realising

Be very careful who you chat to as people may not be who they say they really are. Just as in the real world, there are a few strange and odd people, chat rooms attract all sorts.

Never arrange to meet someone off-line, this can be very dangerous. If you really want to meet someone through ChatCB then please meet them in a public place and inform members of family/friends where you are going and when you expect to be home. Make sure you have a get out clause ready should you wish to make a swift exit.

Contact us if someone is bothering you through the chat room. Remember that ChatCB can only help you with what goes on through the chat room and not away from the website. We can only give you advice if it's nothing to do with ChatCB.

Use a non identifiable chat room user name, it's never a good idea to divulge your real name. If you wish to give out your real name, then just give out your first name, never ever give out your surname and exact location.

Remember that trust with other chat room users is built over time, so don't be alarmed if sometimes people come across cautious.

I CANNOT EXPRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS but never click a website URL which you don't recognise.


Most people have been using the net for quite a while now. Most people would have also heard the word firewall at some point. You may have heard something like I can't access due to the firewall.

A small business can sometimes have similar security issues that a home network might have. You can use a home network firewall to protect your network from potential hackers or malicious websites.

In a nutshell a firewall is a barrier to keep something bad away from your network or PC.

A firewall is a defence which sits between your PC and the internet adding protection to your PC and your information.

Do I need a firewall

YES Make sure you have a firewall. For more information on Firewalls, please check out the information provided by Microsoft.

Viruses and Trojans

I'm sure most of you are aware of what a virus is. A virus is generally a malicious piece of software that is installed on your computer without you realizing. Providing you have effective up to date firewall, you should be protected from most viruses.

Know your file extensions

It is always best internet practice to become familiar with file extensions. For instance JPG, JPEG, PNG are all image file extensions so generally considered safe. While the .exe file extension is a no go. In other words, never open a file which ends in ".exe" unless you know it has come from a very trusted source. NEVER open any link that someone may send to you on ChatCB.